Here I will tell you who I am and why I set up this blog

That’s me!

My name is Anne Laure
33 years
happy mother of two little girls

After 9 years in the same company, I decided to start a new career and I went back to school to study digital marketing. It seems that change calls for change because my dear husband had the opportunity to integrate a new company in the suburbs of Munich.

So 2018 means new professional perspectives for me and for the family new personal perspectives, everybody is moving to Bavaria. It means a lot new things to get use to, a new language (everyone kept asking me “Do you speak German?” “hum… no” “i see…” But your husband speaks German?” “Huh no, neither” “ho… Good luck…”:) ); new habits; a different environment (moving from the city to the countryside); loads of administrative work (eurk!); but above all lots of new things to discover and learn and I love it! Plus, there’s good beer to get some good breaks.

Lots of new experiences, lots of new discoveries, I thought it would be a shame to keep everything to myself! So I thought “Go on write your blog and explain everything you see and hear (when I understand it…)!” (We all talk to ourselves, don’t we? It’s not just me?)
Here we are! I am now an expat and for the moment, I don’t know much about Germany but am eager to learn!

What i also can tell you about me? I love pink and roses, shoes and bags, traveling and especially in India, I have German origins, I speak fluent English and I can’t wait to learn German!!

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See you very soon

Anne Laure